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Bristol, Barcelona: Marvelous Leggings

Founder Mar Medinya's new apparel project Marvelous Leggings is based in Bristol. Her warm Mediterranean personality turns into a bright shining sun made of leggings.


We wanted to underline her first name as being a part of her brand, and that as it's creator, everything is made by her. 

Launched in Barcelona and brought to Bristol, Marvelous Leggings is hand sown, up-cycled leggings that come in both adult and toddler sizes.

These multi-colored, strechy outfits are labeled with two distinct colors, red and Blue. We chose two colors to indicate two cities, two sizes and also, two natural elements, earth and water. 


Mar Medinya currently lives and works in Barcelona where she makes leggings, dresses and more as a local seamstress.

Marvelous Leggings' first collection is made up of chaotic and dynamic patterns, hand sewn and available in two sizes.

You can check out more of her work on

Irem Cetinor